Artisan ice creams Tasty and healthy low in sugars and calories
Perfect to enjoy guilt-free!


Why Nicecreams?

Ice creams for sweet lovers who want to look after their figure.

Low in sugars

Low in calories



Natural, tasty and healthy

Ice creams 100% handmade, healthy and made with entirely natural ingredients.

The result? High-quality healthy ice creams with a variety of flavors and high nutritional value. Truly good and excellent ice creams!

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What our customers say

This café is a real gem! Exactly what Poblenou was missing. I love their roasted coffee, their homemade granola, and especially the lactose-free options. I recently discovered I'm lactose intolerant, and since then, I hadn't had any ice cream. Imagine my joy when I entered this lovely café with an impressive art mural and garden views, and I got to enjoy a delicious chocolate ice cream made with almond milk.

What our customers say

Everything's excellent!! Great ambiance and high-quality products! Handmade ice creams and pastries. Coffee roasted on-site and prepared by baristas! Try the pistachio ice cream and the cappuccino.

What our customers say

Perhaps one of the top 3 ice creams I've ever had. An inspired combination of two flavors: Banoffee pie and Snickers.

What our customers say

Very good homemade ice creams. Traditional flavors. Next to Plaza Reial. You can enjoy your ice cream outside; they have a few tables and chairs available. 2 big scoops of homemade ice cream for less than 4 euros, who can beat that?

What our customers say

High-quality artisanal ice creams. We enjoyed every flavor. Lovely ambiance and decor. The ice cream shop is ideally located, well worth the detour.

What our customers say

A great ice cream shop with a wonderful variety of flavors. Even when I just take a scoop, I can mix two flavors to double the pleasure!

What our customers say

The best coffee in Barcelona. The staff is very friendly, and they offer delicious ice creams and food. A must visit!

What our customers say

I recommend the hazelnut, coffee, and vanilla flavors. A delight! The location is also great, right in the center of Barcelona.

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Where can you buy Nicecreams ice creams?
Carrer Colom, 2. 08002, Barcelona
(+34) 931 86 36 23

Carrer de Llull, 82. 08005, Barcelona
(+34) 633 66 36 08

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